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Note:  Four credits of math are required for graduation.


Any exceptions can be made only with departmental approval.   

 *-Entering freshmen are in one of these three courses.                                                               

*Alg. I                Alg. I                   *Alg. I Found.        Alg. I                                                                                

*Geo.                 Alg. II Found.       Alg. II Found.         Geo.                                                                                       

Alg. II                Geo. Found           Geo. Found.            Alg. II                                                                                                                    

PSTDF                Alg. I                   Alg II            Col. Math



  *Other paths by department approval.

Please note:

1.     Courses must be taken in sequence and credit must be earned before the next credit is attempted, except where noted.

2.     Students must earn four math credits, including Alg.II, to meet graduations requiremenmts

3.     Computer courses cannot be used to meet math graduation requirements.

4.     Upper level math courses may be taken concurrently with departmental approval.

5.     Pre-Cal/Trig should be taken during the junior year if the student plans to take the AP

        Calculus class the senior year.

6.     The use of calculators is encouraged throughout the math courses.  The student should check with teachers about the type and     

usage of the calculators. 

7.     Failure of either semester of a math course will result in the student being required to re-take or make up the semester failed.

Algebra I Foundations

Grade:  9

Prerequisite:  none                                                            Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit                            

This is a course for students who are not prepared to take Algebra I as the first year math course.  The course will cover all algebra I coursework at a less rigorous pace.  A scientific calculator is required.

Algebra II Foundations

Grade:  10, 11 & 12

Prerequisite:   Algebra I (with D+ or below)                       Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

This course is a less rigorous paced Alg. II class. The student will review linear algebra and learn algebra II concepts involving quadratics.  This course will focus on problem solving and applications. A scientific calculator is recommended.

Geometry Foundations

Grade:  11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Alg. II Foundations or Alg. I                         Length:  2 sem, 1 per, 1 credit

This course is designed to focus on concepts of geometry.  This is a non-proof geometry course.  The successful student will gain a solid basis of Algebra and Geometry.  Next math course in the sequence is Alg. II.

Transition to College Mathematics

Grade:  11 & 12                                                      

Prerequisite:  Algebra II

                                                                                         Length: 2 sem, 1 per, 1 credit

This course is designed for students who anticipate a future need for college courses in mathematics, but who are not adequately prepared.  This course will review skills from Algebra and Geometry and introduce some college level Elementary Algebra skills.  This course is designed so that the student must spend as much time out of class working as in class.  Problem-solving methods are used throughout the course.  A graphing calculator is recommended.

Algebra I

Grade:  9

Prerequisite:  none                                                             Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit                         

This course is designed to help students gain skill in solving challenging problems using abstract concepts and representations in mathematics.  The student will learn to represent unknown values with letters, expand the laws to include operations with variables, and develop problem-solving techniques of various types.  Algebra I will provide a concrete understanding of linear algebra.

Recommended calculator: TI N-spire cx.


Grade:  9, 10, 11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Algebra I                                                         Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

Geometry is the study of figures in a two dimensional plane and three-dimensional space.  Three classes of objects are considered: points, lines, and planes.  Students will gain logic skills and improve upon principles of Algebra and graphing skills.  Figures studied include:  lines, angles, triangles, polygons, and circles.

Recommended calculator: TI N-spire cx

Algebra II

Grade:  10, 11 & 12                                                 

Prerequisite:  Geometry or Foundations series                       Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

Algebra II is the study of the real and complex number systems using the techniques of algebra as outgrowths of these number systems, and applying algebraic concepts and skills to complex problems. Algebra II will provide a concrete understanding of quadratics. A graphing calculator is required. Calculator: TI N-spire cx.

Probability/Statistics/Discrete/Trigonometric/Functions PSDTF

Grade:  11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Algebra II                                                       Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit


This course is for the college bound student with a solid understanding of mathematical principles. Some of the topics to be covered in this course:  statistics, probability, study of functions and trigonometry.  These areas are the common math courses taken in the first  year of college for math, science and business students.  After successfully completing this course, students should be well prepared to meet college math requirements.  Sophomores in Algebra II who do not intend to take Calculus the senior year should register for this class, then take Pre-Cal/Trig the senior year. Sophomores planning on taking Calculus the senior year, or juniors planning on taking Pre-Cal/Trig may want to take this course concurrently with Pre-Cal/Trig.  A graphing calculator is required.


Grade:  11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Algebra II                                                       Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit


This course will continue the study of functions and the complex number system.  Trigonometry will be an integral part of this course.  Other topics will include topics such as conic sections, functions, and advanced graphing techniques.  A graphing calculator is required.


Grade 11 or 12                                                        

Prerequisite:  successful completion of Pre-Cal/Trig              Length: 2 sem, 1 per, 1 credit


This course is intended for the college bound student with strong math ability.  Students will study first year college Calculus in this class.  An AP test score of three (3) or better will earn the student a math credit at any college.  A graphing calculator is required.