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Social Studies


Note:  three credits of social studies are required for graduation.

World Studies: 1750 to the Present

Age of Revolutions Through the 20th Century

Grade:  9, 10, 11 & 12                                                   Elective

Prerequisite:  none                                                           Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

World Studies is a yearlong course that continues the chronological study of world history.  This course incorporates each of the seven standards of the Ohio Graduation Test.  As students study historic eras, they consider the influence of geographic settings, cultural perspectives, economic systems, and various forms of government.  Students gain a deeper understanding of the role of citizens and continue to develop their research skills

Note:  The purchase of a non-fiction paperback book on a current topic may be required for this class.

American History

Grade:  10                                                                     Required

Prerequisite:  none                                                          Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

The purpose of this class is to promote student understanding and awareness of the historical development of the United States beginning with the Civil War to present day.  The student will form opinions and judgments based on knowledge gained from the past and the present to help them become fully functioning citizens in American society capable of making informed decisions.

Social Psychology

Grade:  11                                                                      Elective

                                                                                       Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

This course consists of a semester of the study of sociology and a semester of the study of psychology. In the sociology portion, students will examine other cultures, develop awareness of social institutions, understand the importance of socialization, realize the importance of group interaction, and develop an insight into major social problems.  In the psychology portion, the student will become aware of the basic senses by which we discover our world, demonstrate the biological process of memory and thought, examine the processes involved in learning, investigate human intelligences and creativity, develop insights into the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of human beings, show an awareness of components in the development of personality, identify the differences between normal and abnormal behaviors, and recognize the contributions and social impact of key figures in the study of psychology.

American Government

Grade:  12                                                                         Required

Prerequisite:  American History                                           Length:  1 sem, 1 per, .5 credit

The purpose of this course is to give students a basic understanding of how the branches of the U.S.government function.  Also, students will examine current events and issues.  Some areas to be discussed are:  the three branches of government, the theories behind the U.S. system of government and the rights of citizens.


Grade:  12                                                                          Required

Prerequisite:  American History                                            Length:  1 sem, 1 per, .5 credit

The purpose of this course is to give students a basic understanding of economic systems and concepts.  Some areas of study will include supply and demand, market economics, money and banking, and different types of market organizations.