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Spanish Courses

Note:  In recent years private and state colleges and universities have increased the foreign language requirements.  We recommend a minimum of three years of one foreign language.  Students in the college preparatory program should consider taking the third and fourth year of foreign language.

Spanish I                                                              

Grade:  9, 10, 11 & 12                                                                              Elective

Prerequisite:C+ or higher in previous year language arts                              Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

This course will acquaint students with basic Spanish vocabulary, conversation, grammar, reading, writing and culture in general.  Students will acquire reading strategies such as identifying cognates, using pictures, and context clues to aid in reading comprehension.  Also, students will complete one special project per semester.  Conversational skills will focus on being able to communicate in real life situations.   Spanish I students are encouraged to take Spanish II during the following year; however all students in Spanish should maintain a C average in order to advance to the next level.

Spanish II

Grade:  10, 11, & 12                                                                                  Elective

Prerequisite: C+ or better in Spanish I or instructor’s permission                  Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

This is an accelerated continuation of Spanish I.  It continues to build on vocabulary, writing skills, conversational ability, and appreciation of the language in general.  There is more written work required in this course than in level one, as well as increased speaking activities and more extensive reading. Students will complete one special project each semester.

Spanish III                                                           

Grade:  11 & 12                                                                                          Elective

Prerequisite: Instructor’s approval                                                                 Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit


Spanish III is a weighted course and is a continuation of Spanish I and II.  Spanish III continues to build on vocabulary, conversational ability, appreciation of Spanish culture, and introduces Spanish literature. Students must work independently on some special projects.

Spanish IV

Grade:  12                                                                                                     Elective

Prerequisite: Instructor’s approval                                                                  Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit


Spanish IV is weighted and is a continuation of Spanish III.  Spanish IV students concentrate on finer points of grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.  Students are expected to be able to use their knowledge and skills from previous study of Spanish.  Students are involved in creative activities using the language.